Jose Luis Pacheco (Ramirez)

Location: Bible Institute

Age: 21

I was the black sheep in my family. I was a gang member, a drug addict, and a drunkard. I lived on the streets for a long time getting in trouble and going in and out of the jail. I was very rebellious and I was destroying my life. I did not want anything to do with God. But God’s great love and mercy took me out of that life and gave me the opportunity to get into a rehabilitation center where I was able to reconcile with him and to break the pact I had done with death. When I finished my time in the rehab center I made my decision to come to the Bible Institute.

While I was in the rehab center I felt the desire and the longing to serve God. I feel called by God and my goal is to open a Bible Institute and help men and women slaves of addictions. I want to help people that are going through all the things I went through.

That is why I came to the Bible Institute. I need to be trained before I go to war.  

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