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Marco Montanez

Location: Bible Institute

Age: 35

During my life I have encountered good people and bad people; disrespectful people and even drug dealers to mention some. Thanks to God I was not a drug addict but I drank and smoke, I would face my day without a goal, I studied because people have to study, worked because people have to work , I got married and I divorced, don’t take me wrong I gave the importance needed to each situation but I did everything for me , I have not done many things to help somebody else. After my divorce I got into another relationship that failed as everything else I did without asking God to lead me.

One day a person came an invited me to a discipleship course. When I went to his house I was broken and started following the ways of Jesus.

I started then to help out in the Children’s ministry “OVIKIDS” and the leader invited me to help him preach and share the work to the children but I did not feel ready or prepared, so when the opportunity to attend the Bible Institute came to me I took it. I did it with the purpose to learn and understand the Bible with the goal to share it with other people in the same way it was shared to me.

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