Adriana 2018_bi.jpg

Adriana Margarita Aranda Mendoza

Location: Bible Institute

Age: 47

I heard about the Bible Institute from a couple that studied here and their testimony was inspiring. The Lord started talking to me through his word, through the word of my pastor and in many other ways showing me the need to get trained to serve him in my community and in the church in a responsible way and with a better understanding. When I received the call saying I had been accepted I understood that God was supporting my decision to come to the Bible Institute.

When I finish my studies I would like to start a full discipleship course in my church and my community not only for people new in the faith but for everybody in church because I have seen a growing disinformation or misinformation that is not according to the word of God. Sadly this is happening not only in my church but in many churches in Ensenada “The Harvest Is Great, the Laborers Few”  

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