Ricardo Rosales 2018.jpg

Ricardo Rosales

Location: Bible Institute

Age: 31

I came to Baja California in 2010. God brought me to Rancho de Cristo to get help for my addictions. I came lost and disoriented; I was rebellious and had many problems. I did 1 year and 3 months of rehabilitation and during that time I got to know God. It was an impacting time in my life and I decided to leave my past life and follow Christ.

When I left Rancho de Cristo, I came to work to the home for children Cristo por Su Mundo/FFHM and it was here that I met Eugenia. We started dating and then we got married and have daughters; Galilea is 4 years old and Elena is 18 months old. I think we are a beautiful family. I am very happy and grateful to God for all his blessings and for everything he has done in my life and with my family. He is good. Now I have made the decisions to come to the Bible Instituted, we left our home and our works to come and get trained to serve the Lord.

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