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Salvador Moreno

Location: Bible Institute

Age: 47

When I was 4 or 5 years old I remember my aunts used to ask: what do you want to be when you grow up? And I would answer: I will be a priest! and they would laugh at my answer. My family’s attitude made me to stop thinking like that and I started being rebellious. I grew up in a catholic environment and knew little about the Word but I was sure of the existence of God, of the Trinity I wanted to serve, (I felt the desire to serve him in the deepest part of myself), but society always took me away from my desire with its philosophy: Do you want to be happy? Get a career, get a beautiful woman, get married, have children, buy a big and beautiful house, buy a brand new car etc. So I did it; worked hard, got married, bought a brand new car and many more things but that did not make me happy… on the contrary, I got a divorce and felt into alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction and pornography.

Carlos invited me to become member of the church “The sacred Mission” and I started attending the workshops and prayer groups and men groups to learn all I could; after that I got baptized.

I was praying one night and I asked God to allow me to serve him, to use me as a tool to take his Word to people that did not know him, I had not finished praying when a missionary knocked on my door asking if I wanted to help in the work of the Lord. I said yes and he took me to share the word of God to a group of men in a community not far from the city. Maybe 2 months went by and the Lord blessed me with a call to go to a Bible Institute, when I was in my first year, a sister in Christ told me of the opportunity to study in the Bible Institute Cristo por su mundo.  To do it I needed to leave everything: my work, home, belongings…everything! After praying a lot I decided to come leaving everything behind to give the rest of my life to God. Now, by the grace of God I am here in the Bible Institute and I know is the best place to be. I am being formed in knowledge and in service. It is beautiful because they are giving me everything just by grace and I will give by grace what I have received by grace and will take the message of salvation wherever he tells me to go to glorify him and fulfill the ministry he put in my heart.

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