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Fabian Felipe Carrasco

Location: Bible Institute

Age: 30 years

I give thanks to God for the great miracle he did in my life and in my family. After all the time I lost living on the streets, God in his great love gave me a second chance lifting me up from the filth I was living in and from the problems, fears, stereotypes and doubts I had. With his powerful hand he took me out of a life of suffering, pain, weeping and evil and he gave me the peace and hope I was longing for. I was in Ensenada, alone in a room and almost dead, when I cried out to God asking him to let me die. But my father in Oaxaca had a dream and knew where to come to get me back. I felt God’s love and gave my life to Christ through my father. In his mercy God gave me the opportunity to serve as a leader in the church “Living Water” in the community “El Chocolate” in Oaxaca. 2 years after I accepted Christ and being baptized I was also a youth leader. Today he is teaching me that he has a purpose for me and he has given me the opportunity to come to the Bible Institute “Cristo Por Su Mundo” which is a great blessing for my Christian life. God willing I will finish my studies in three years to be a disciple of Jesus and to preach the gospel as it is written.



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