baja_kevin 2017.jpg

Kevin Vasquez 

Location: Baja Mission         

Age: 15

Kevin was brought to our home by DIF (Social Services). Although we don’t have much information about his family situation we do know he was taken from his home because of mistreatment. Kevin is adapting well to his new home because he knows it's a safe place even when it's difficult to follow the rules. He works hard and according to the stories he tells, Kevin started working at a very young to earn his keep. Kevin is a little bit behind in his studies since he is in junior high. Our leadership team is working hard to get him caught up so he can go to high school in 2018. Kevin dreams of becoming a chef or a soldier when he grows up. He likes baseball, his favorite color is royal blue, his favorite meal is spaghetti and his favorite animal is a Siberian wolf.  

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