Our Purpose


Foundation for His Ministry is an organization whose purpose is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ. To this end we share and demonstrate God’s love through the power of the Holy Spirit by meeting basic spiritual, physical and educational needs of those in Mexico and beyond. This will be done in such a way as to establish the Mission as a model of effective ministry for other parts of the world.

Our initiatives; Rescue children, Reach the lost, and Restore the broken.


Rescue Children


Children's Homes

We currently have two homes, and one in construction, for children who are not able to live with their families because they have been orphaned, abandoned or abused.

Daycare Programs

The Baja Mission provides a day care for approximately thirty children whose mothers must work (from 5:00am to 5:00pm in the camps) and cannot pay for someone to take care of their children. 



Newborn babies through two years of age (until potty trained) are cared for in the nursery until they graduate into one of our household families. Our purpose is to give them love, protection, and encouragement in the absence of their natural parents.



Because we believe education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty in the lives of our children we have put an emphasis on providing them with a quality Christian education.




Special Education Center

Because Mexico doesn’t have special education programs in public schools we bring in children with special needs daily to the Baja Mission for education, care of their medical needs and spiritual instruction.


university Home for Higher Education in Tijuana

The Students Home in Tijuana is the final stage of childhood for these young adults, before they embark into the world of independence. We provide them with discipleship, support and love to positively transform the hearts and lives of these young adults through compassion, guidance and the grace of God

Trade and Skills Training

We offer sewing classes, a computer lab and a welding shop in addition to an auto shop to teach the children practical trade skills.

Sponsoring a child costs as little as $30/month. Your sponsorship gives a child the gift of health and hope for the future. Please prayerfully consider if God is asking you to sponsor a child this year.

Reach the Lost


Children and infants through age 12, attend daycare while a parent works in the surrounding fields and community. Children can hear about Jesus and experience the love and support of our daycare staff and teachers.


Children's & Youth Ministries

Our children and youth ministries reach our community through weekly Bible classes held at over a dozen locations in Baja.

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Prison Ministries

On top of working towards the rehabilitation of those incarcerated, our medical and dental teams have been allowed to go in and treat those who would otherwise have no care.

Unreached People 

We sponsor seven full time missionaries who live among and minister to the unreached people of Oaxaca. They are working in areas where there are no existing churches and people who still have not heard of Jesus.

Christian Education

 At the Bible Institute, we equip Mexican nationals to preach the Gospel. We have a special heart for working with the largely unreached indigenous people groups from the state of Oaxaca.

Church Planting

A number of our graduate Bible Institute students are currently living and ministering in Mexico. Several have built churches and are pastoring congregations in remote areas.


Restore the Broken

Food & Clothing.png

Food & Clothing

Needs are evaluated during
in-home visits and a card is issued to families in need that allow them to receive food once a month and clothing every six months at the Outreach Center in the old theater in Baja.

Medical Center

The medical, surgical, dental, and optical needs of hundreds are met in our Baja Medical Clinic. Services are provided and each patient receives prayer.

Rehabilitation Center

The center offers a year program utilizing prayer, fasting, and Bible study as a means of developing a vital relationship with Christ, whom we believe is the only one who can set the captives free.

Disability Assistance

The “Angel Ministry” provides specially adapted wheelchairs, equipment, prosthetics, and most importantly spiritual care for shut-ins who would otherwise be without hope.

Your prayer and giving makes these ministries possible. Please prayerfully consider joining us in providing these essential ministries to our brothers and sisters living with need in Mexico.