Reach the Lost

Children's & Youth Ministries

Our children and youth ministries reach our community through weekly Bible classes held at over a dozen locations in Baja.

Adult MiniStries

Evangelistic teams go out to the camps near our Baja mission several evenings a week to hold services, including Christian movies, music, drama, and educational programs to communicate the Good News.

Prison Ministries

On top of working towards the rehabilitation of those incarcerated, our medical and dental teams have been allowed to go in and treat those who would otherwise have no care.

Unreached People 

We sponsor seven full time missionaries who live among and minister to the unreached people of Oaxaca. They are working in areas where there are no existing churches and people who still have not heard of Jesus.

Christian Education

 At the Bible Institute, we equip Mexican nationals to preach the Gospel. We have a special heart for working with the largely unreached indigenous people groups from the state of Oaxaca.

Church Planting

A number of our graduate Bible Institute students are currently living and ministering in Mexico. Several have built churches and are pastoring congregations in remote areas.