Restore the Broken

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Food & Clothing

Needs are evaluated during
in-home visits and a card is issued to families in need that allow them to receive food once a month and clothing every six months at the Outreach Center in the old theater in Baja.

Medical Center

The medical, surgical, dental, and optical needs of hundreds are met in our Baja Medical Clinic. Services are provided and each patient receives prayer.

Rehabilitation Center

The center offers a year program utilizing prayer, fasting, and Bible study as a means of developing a vital relationship with Christ, whom we believe is the only one who can set the captives free.

Disability Assistance

The “Angel Ministry” provides specially adapted wheelchairs, equipment, prosthetics, and most importantly spiritual care for shut-ins who would otherwise be without hope.

Your prayer and giving makes these ministries possible. Please prayerfully consider joining us in providing these essential ministries to our brothers and sisters living with need in Mexico.